Halden Zimmermann Gave Surprising Advice and it Works for Fishing!

Who can forget their first time fishing? I suppose a better question would be, who remembers their first time fishing? For whatever reason, fishing with someone is one of the memories that sticks with us for as long as we live. When we fish for the first time, it’s good to have a teacher to teach us their experience and pass it off to us as wisdom.

I always looked up to my oldest brother to learn the things he knew, but after he would teach me the wrong way, purely just for laughs and jokes, I began to stop seeking his advice. That was right around the time when I stumbled upon Halden Zimmermann online and read about his accomplishments. I began to look up to Mr. Zimmermann for a lot of lessons on life because he always created the results I wanted and often times would teach how to get those results as he does in his book, “Guide to High Impact Blogs for Life Changing Income,” found on Amazon.

When it came to fishing, I remembered something I remembered Mr. Zimmermann saying that I read online, “Patience makes the best fisherman.” Of course, he was talking about marketing, but when I applied it to fishing, it made a lot of sense. My problem was chasing the fish. If the fish swam away from my floater, I would draw it in, scaring the fish away, then recast it, which scared more fish away. Patience was what I needed to learn. Guess what? It works! Letting the fish come to you, literal or metaphorically speaking, will yield better results than if you chase your fish.

There’s plenty of fish in the ocean. That’s the great old saying that tells us if something fails, that’s not your only opportunity. Keep fishing, be patient and don’t give up.

Halden Zimmermann Makes A Brilliant Fishing To Business Comparison

Halden Zimmermann Makes A Brilliant Fishing To Business Comparison

Going fishing is the best way to release stress and anxiety or so that is what Halden Zimmermann once told me. I have always valued his input and held his word in high regard because he has been an inspirational businessman for as long as I’ve known him.

I’ve never been much into the business scene, but fishing has surely become something I gave started to take more and more seriously the more I do it. I suppose you could say that ever since I took Halden’s advice, I’ve become more passionate about fishing.

“Business is a lot like fishing,” Halden said. “I thought business was more like a box of chocolates,” I replied. “No,” he continued, “That’s life, because you never know what you’ll get, but with fishing and business, you’ll win every time if you know what you’re doing. It’s just not easy to learn what to do.”

That was perhaps some of the best business advice I had ever gotten from businessman Halden Zimmerman in my life and it actually made sense to me. That’s the incredible part! With fishing, I messed up constantly. I made a lot of stupid mistakes. I would bait the hook wrong, i would cast the line wrong, I would use the wrong bait and get no fish, I would often times scare the fish. It took me many years to understand what I was going for and what bait to use for the best results.

Zimmermann’s words taught me that you’ll first need to learn, then you can do better, but you’re going to learn by doing. First, in order to be a successful fisherman, I had to learn what fish were in the water. After learning what was available, I was able to decide what I wanted from out of the water. I learned certain fish like certain things. Some fish, for example, are attracted to flashes of light while with others, flashing lights will scare them. I learned some fish prefer worms and some prefer bugs like crickets. I can imagine business is the same way. You have to learn what you have to work with, learn what the people like, then lure them in.

Sebastian Hirsch Details Favorite Passages on Surfcasting

The ocean has served as the setting for many of the greatest works of literature, with Hemingway, Melville and Homer offering some of the more readily recognizable titles. There are innumerable reasons so many authors have chosen to write about the open water, as the symbolic nature of the ocean is seemingly limitless and represents a perfect setting for stories of exploration. These works have all been done on varying scales, with the Odyssey and Moby Dick being nearly as vast as the ocean itself. On the other hand, The Old Man And The Sea represents a relatively quick read that is nonetheless an outstanding example of literature that centers on the ocean.

Sebastian Hirsch has developed a deep appreciation of the manner in which these authors have been able to accurately portray these seafaring scenes while also advancing themes and ideas that are masterfully layered. Hirsch, who sometimes goes by Hugo, is also a surfcasting aficionado, and his passion for this style of fishing has led him to explore the works of literature that focus on characters that elect to stay on the shore to reap the bounty of the ocean.

Of the many works Hirsch has studied over the years, he offered Big Sur as one of his personal favorites. The book, written by Jack Kerouac in the aftermath of his massive literary success, explores the author’s descent into alcoholism and his subsequent attempt to restore his health by retreating to a cabin amid the redwoods in Northern California. Kerouac suffers throughout the novel, but there are several moments in which he finds solace in the beauty that surrounds him.

Though it is not necessarily prominently featured, Kerouac uses surfcasting as a means of juxtaposition. Another character is content to simply cast his line from the shore and, despite catching just a single, meager fish, he is delighted and focuses his energy on cracking jokes just to make others smile. Kerouac sees this as a wonderfully simple philosophy for life, as the surfcaster is able to find contentment independent of any external circumstance.

The Peter Lik of Fishing

When I was a child, my grandpa loved to go fishing. Fishing was his second favorite activity to pass the time other than drinking a Sun Drop in his Hardee’s cup and watching NASCAR. When he would go fishing, he had a special routine he would follow each and every time down to the letter. This technique my grandpa would do would yield results each and every time. It became apparent to me that if you’re a master at a craft, you have your own special technique much like master photographer Peter Lik.

To this day, my grandpa still remembers his special fishing technique, but he won’t tell anyone. This is a special secret he will take to the grave with him.

Beach Fishing

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I always see people fishing from a pier but some prefer to fish the beach.  The beach requires different fishing equipment to be successful.  Hip waders are needed to get that big one in without going for a swim.  A long pole will be required for that long cast to get past the surf.  The bait is similar but the weights need to be heavy enough to get way out.  Unless you plan to stand there the whole time a chair would help.  Many use a fishing rod mount to hold the pole.  Luke Weil would be a good fisherman on the beach.

Pecos River Travel

If you are ever in the Pecos River area don’t miss the river tour.  We took it during the Christmas Holidays and had a great time.  The river houses decorate their back yards so the boats can enjoy their decorations at night.  It was very cold and the weather was windy but we had a great time. We also camped at the KOA in New Mexicountitled (147) untitled (146).  The campground has a wind turbine to make electricity.  The best way to see New Mexico is in a RV. Saleh Stevens is a resident and recommends the river tour.  I would like to return some day as we had the best time.

Beach Kite

The beach is the perfect place to fly kites.  Every time we go to the beach there is someone flying a beautiful kite in the wind that always come in from the ocean.  The tails on these kites are quite a work of art.  The tails follow the kite in loops and acrobatics that is amazing. If you have a kite to fly the beach may be just the combination of hobbies to combine.  If you are a beach fan just enjoy the kites and sand.  Brandon Hopkinsuntitled (65) untitled (64) imagesVZNNFOZ5 can fly a kite like no other.  The kite collection he has is unsurpassed.

The Ocean Calls

images0D06RPRI imagesVVN3Z2HQThe ocean calls.  You know you want to go.  If you are like most people you can not afford to live near the ocean.  But that is not going to keep you from vacationing there.  I think that the beach is one of the biggest draws for people on vacations.  Playing in the sand and wading in the ocean water is as good as life gets for most people.  My mother loved the beach and would sty there all day long every tome we went.  It didn’t matter how cold it was she just loved it.  Luke Weil is a beach bum and will never move inland.

Pier Fishing at Pismo

untitled (2) untitled imagesFishing is great at the pier in Pismo, CA.  You will need a fishing license and a rod.  Rods and bait can be had from the fishing shop on the pier.  It is fun to watch the fishermen pull in their catches.  The birds will try to get the fish before they can be reeled in.  There are benches to sit on and the view from the pier is great.  If you are in the mood for some clam chowder then the Splash Café is the best clam chowder ever.  There is always a line out their front door.  Plan to spend time in the area.  You wont be disappointed. Dana Sibilsky is a Pismo fan.

Ocean Views

A room near the coast is pricey.  If you want an ocean view you better be prepared to dig deep into that budget.  Why are we drawn to the ocean?  My mom was a believer that the ocean air was healthy.  I like the cooler weather that the beach provides but the oceanimagesK8S3H9M3 is not my favorite thing.  Having been deep sea fishing before and getting pretty sick I have little desire to go boating on the ocean.  I will limit my exploring to a kayak for now.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football can help you find that perfect room.

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